The Vermate Difference

A low cost all in one product that achieves unequalled results.

Outstanding Results

  • Improved performance with race- and endurance horses as well as racing pigeons.
  • Facilitates with the prevention and lowering of parasite infections within acceptable limits.
  • The humate component facilitates in the reduction of stress related problems.
  • Facilitates with the treatment of diarrhea in adult and juvenile animals.
  • Lowering of somatic counts in milk with dairy cows.

The Story

Vermate has been developed over the past eight years in various applications of the animal health industry. Aspects related to Vermate use were developed with clients in practical circumstances. By solving key problems in animal health. Vermate established itself in the animal health industry as a product that achieve results and resolve issues that is unequalled by any other product of its kind.

Vermate is safe for all animal types


What our clients say

How Vermate and Thermal Mud helped them.

“We had a 35% success rate on our embryo transplant program with fecal parasite counts of more than 1000 eggs per gram feces. Since using the Vermate program fecal counts came down to between 50 and 100 e.p.g. and the success rate on embryo transplants went up to 75%. The lesson we learnt was that the lower the parasite counts the higher the fertility on our animals.”

Lappies Labuschagne (Giraffae Game Breeders)

“My somatiese tellings was altyd 400-500 en ek kon dit nooit af kry nie. Met Vermate het ons dit somer en winter rondom 350 gehou met n drastiese afname in vrotpootjie.”

Henry du Preez (Ficksburg)

“Dit werk regtig, my merrie het haar ligament beseer. Die prognosis was ses maande tot 'n jaar. Met Thermal Mud was sy na een maand reg!.”

Michelle Berrington

“Flash had a tendon injury. The Vet recommended a 6 month recovery period. We treated the injury with Thermal mud and six weeks later the horse was back in competition again.”
“We use to have 80 horses in our yard and normally had one operation per month due to colic. Since using Vermate colic is no more an issue in our yard and the issue in our bank account with extreme vet bills has also vanished.”

Lizelle Fourie (Secunda)

“Ons het elke jaar gesukkel met galsiek en rooiwater op ons Limouzin stoetery. Vandat ons Vermate gebruik het ons nog nie weer vrektes gehad vir die afgelope 5-6 jaar nie.”

Friedel Mulke (George)

“My somatiese tellings het afgekom van 400 plus na rondom 300 vandat ons Vermate begin gebruik het. Galsiek en rooiwater het verdwyn op die volwasse diere en die klein kallertjies.”

Herlie Booysen (Swellendam)

News and Articles


The soil environment can be regarded as the host for most microbial species on earth. It is a well known fact that animals, when given the choice, would prefer to drink dirt water than water that is unspoiled with soil. As a matter of fact, most animals in nature will walk halfway into a pond before drinking. The reason for this is to stir up the silt at the bottom of the pond with their feet before drinking. By doing so they ingest all the healthy soil microbes, trace minerals and humus or humates that collects at the bottom of the pond through rain wash off. This is nature’s way of replenishing the rumen microbes on a daily basis.

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Thermal Mud

The development of humates and healthy soil mirco-organisms in a concentrated form that can be applied externally opens up the option of using humates for the treatment of external wounds and injuries with great effect. The most outstanding aspect of using humates in a paste form is the immediate heat reaction that occurs when applied on wounds or areas where infection occurs. This lead to the product being named Thermal Mud.

The heat reaction is a result of an increase in blood flow to the infected area in order to provide more white blood cells that can fight the infectious bacteria. Thermal Mud also makes use of a large variety of healthy soil micro-organisms that physically attack and kill infectious bacteria also adding to the immediate heat reaction that occur. Healthy organisms also play an important role to “clean” out wounds and provide healing without the effect of scar tissue or “proud flesh”.

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