Vermate for Horses

Vermate is used extensively to address major issues in equine health such as ulcers, colic, tenseness and condition problems. Vermate addresses major issues related to training and competing of endurance horses to address tying up syndrome, heart rate reduction and tenseness related problems.


Vermate for Feedlot/Poultry

Vermate is used with great success in the commercial poultry industry to improve Feed Conversion Ratios with broiler chickens. Drastic improvement in weight gains as well as FCR values makes Vermate an essential element in profitable chicken farming.


Vermate for your Pets

Vermate is used as a probiotic for pets to address issues related with stress, diarrhea, skin diseases, condition problems as well as Streptococcus infection leading to blood in feces.


Vermate for Pigeons/Birds

Key issues that are addressed with racing pigeons are Young Birds Disease, wet nest syndrome, tenseness during racing, improved racing performance as well as recovery after hard work.

farm animals

Vermate for Farm Animals

The major application with cattle/sheep feedlots is the financial difference that Vermate makes in terms of improved Feed Conversion Ratios. In the dairy industry improved results with regard to lowering of Somatic Cell Counts (SCC), improved milk production and addressing of diarrhea with calves is achieved.


Vermate for Wildlife

The two major issues addressed with Vermate in the wildlife industry are stress related problems associated with capturing and relocation of game as well as condition related problems with parasites. Vermate provides a highly efficient biological option for parasite control in the wildlife industry.

Results obtained with Vermate is based on observations with users of the product. Results or claims related to the product are not verified with scientific tests. In the case of illness a vet should be consulted.
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