The key to profitable poultry/feedlot operations

Extensive work with poultry and feedlot farmers was done to improve animal production through improved Feed Conversion Ratios (FCR).

Vermate is applied either through the water system or mixed into the feed ration in a highly efficient manner. This ensures the practical application of the product in a very challenging environment. Poultry and feedlot farmers that use Vermate enjoy the financial benefits of improved FCR ratios with virtually no additional cost or effort in applying Vermate into their farming operation.

Outstanding Vermate Characteristics

  • Vermate provides a non-chemical and non-invasive approach towards animal health.
  • A biological approach towards parasite control.
  • Animals are treated by adding the product to their food or water.

Results obtained with Vermate is based on observations with users of the product. Results or claims related to the product are not verified with scientific tests. In the case of illness a vet should be consulted.
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