Endurance riding

Enhance pure endurance

First of its kind, Vermate has grown to become the key to successful endurance performance. One product that addresses the three major issues in endurance racing – tying up, heart rate and tenseness related problems. A product that truly stood up to the challenges related to endurance riding with overwhelming success

Typical results experienced with three day endurance events

  • Quicker heartrate recovery during vet checks.
  • Horses that are much less stressed.
  • Horses show much better focussed or relaxed energy during an event.
  • Horses eat, urinate and drink better during a event which facilitates the prevention of tying up sindrome.
  • Horses maintain their condition much better over a three day event.
  • Recovery of horses after an event is much quicker.
  • Horses’ overall performance improves drastically.

Race- and sport horses

Improved equine performance

How to manage a sport horse with Vermate.

  1. No concentrates – no ulcers, no colic, veld related condition
  2. No training, no competing – no need for recovery
  3. No handling or travelling – no need for tenseness and stress.

Vermate allows you to actually do these things while you enjoy the sport.

The Vermate difference

  • Race horses run faster due to higher oxygen transfer to muscles.
  • Less lactic acid means quicker recovery after strenuous work.
  • Improved metabolic functioning with feed concentrates.
  • Less colic, ulcers and “hot” energy.
  • Optimum condition.
  • Improved concentration with calm energy.

Results obtained with Vermate is based on observations with users of the product. Results or claims related to the product are not verified with scientific tests. In the case of illness a vet should be consulted.
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