Overcome the impossible

How many pet owners have lost their precious life partners due to Streptoccus or ”bloody diarrhea” as well as skin allergies or mange?

Vermate provide a non-chemical approach towards pet related health problems. Pet breeders achieve higher success rates in the rearing of young animals due to less diarrhea and parasite related problems.

Outstanding Vermate Characteristics

  • Vermate provides a non-chemical and non-invasive approach towards pet health.
  • A biological approach towards parasite control in pets.
  • Animals are treated by adding the product to their food or water.
  • Animals with skin diseases are simply sponged with the product to address the problem.

Results obtained with Vermate is based on observations with users of the product. Results or claims related to the product are not verified with scientific tests. In the case of illness a vet should be consulted.
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