Zero loss wildlife production

The two major issues that can stop any game farmer in his tracks are stress related problems associated with capturing and relocation of game as well as condition related problems associated with parasites in intensive breeding operations.

Outstanding Vermate Results in Wildlife

  • Vermate is simply added in the drinking water before and during capture operations to prevent stress response related deaths.
  • The success rate with intensive embryo transplant operations is increased from 30 to 75% through the inclusion of Vermate.
  • Fecal parasite counts are maintained below 100 when animals are treated with a maintenance program of Vermate.

Biological Parasite Control

Vermate product makes use of nemacidic fungi to reduce parasitic nematode counts in animal feaces. Internal parasites such as wireworm, tapeworm, roundworm and liver fluke in all animals are reduced to within acceptable limits. Parasite control is done either on a low maintenance pro-active basis or on a symptom treatment basis. The advantage of a biological approach is:

  • Treatments are not harmful to the host animal and doesn’t cause stress.
  • Parasites connot build up resistance against biological treatments. This means that during times of high parasitic infestations, parasites can easily be braught under control.
  • A low cost maintenance approach enables farmers to pro-actively build up a defence against parasite infestations that may occur during long rain spells or changes in seasons. A farmer therefore doesn’t have to wait for the problem to occur before he can take action. This, in most instances leads to severe damages and loss.

Vermate is applied in water, in the animal lick or on the feed ration on a low cost maintenance basis to build up a defence against parasite infestations.

Fungal mechanism to kill parasitic nematodes
Fungal mechanism to kill parasitic nematodes
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Results obtained with Vermate is based on observations with users of the product. Results or claims related to the product are not verified with scientific tests. In the case of illness a vet should be consulted.
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